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New guy from California


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I have been prowling the site for sometime and finally decided to join in. I shoot USPSA and a little IDPA. I have been shooting production with a G34 for a while and have just recently decided to dig out my G35 and switch to Limited. I'm looking for advice on setting up my gun and a good load if anyone has any suggestions

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Welcome to the forum. Here's a picture of my two Limited Glocks. They both have stock barrels, Warren Tactical Sevigny Competition FO sights, JP Enterprises magwells and both were stippeld by a friend. The 35 has a Wolff competition spring kit ahd I did the polishing of the fire control parts myself. the 24 has a Vanek Custom competition trigger system and springs. With the Dawson base pads I get a "reliable" 18 rounds. I also have two magazines with Arredondo base pads that I am able to get 20 rounds in. so far they seem to work well in practice sessions, but I have not tested them in a match. My load I use for both is a Precision 185 moly coatd bullet over 4.8 grains of WSF, Wincester small pistol primers loaded out to a COAL of 1.135.


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