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Glock 24 P? Heard of it?


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I have a friend who recently purchased a Glock 24. When it arrived it had a ported/compensated barrel from Glock. After looking into it, the Glock Box has it marked as a Glock 24P model. We have been looking up the info on this pistol, but can't find a lot of information on this particular model. It appears to be basically unused, only fired a little bit.

Is there any chance this could be a collectors firearm?

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24P was the designation for the early ported/compensated model, Glock later changed the designation to 24C. Not sure when Glock changed that though, and I don't know how many were made before the change. It might be worth a slight premium to the right person, but I'd just shoot it and enjoy. For use in Limited/L-10, just buy an aftermarket non-ported barrel from KKM or LWD.

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