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Sent a new shooter on a trip to the dairy queen

Greg Bell

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3 gun match, stage had a wall with a transition back and forth shooter broke the 180 with a shotgun.

I felt bad because I normally make a point to bring this up with new shooters on a stage like this, last stage I was tired and it never even occurred to me to bring it up.

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Safety of every one else involved is MUCH more important than the ego/sensitivity of a new shooter. The DQ is the right call.

Hopefully it was handled gracefully and positively by you and the other shooters, and he/she was encouraged HEAVILY to come back next time!

We ALL do it eventually... I've had TWO... One was a snag of the accesory-rail of my M&P frame on a string activator in a port (180), and the other was last week... I was backing out of a shooting position with my AR (IDPA Carbine Match), and I went the wrong side of a barrel set up to keep me from trapping the RO... Backed right into it! Good night!

Both sucked, but both were positive learning experiences, and nobody got hurt. That's why we call them! So people learn, and people don't get hurt...


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