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Limited 10mm feeding issues


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I'm curious if anyone has determined that an OAL above or below a specific # is prone to the flat nosed round jamming on the feed ramp. I've had this 3 times recently. Two were my loads around 1.253 & the other was a Double Tap factory round.

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1.19 180gr here and I've had 1 ftf that I can't explain, the other one happened after not cleaning the gun for about 1500 rounds. The feedramp was caked with crude. I shoot lead, so there was plenty of crude to be found. This is over the course of about 10k rounds.

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J-Ho: thanks! I do not shoot lead but I'm assuming the suggested OAL is way less for lead. I've only loaded 180 FMJ. My manuals range 1.250 - 1.260.

I've noticed my factory rounds to be more like 1.245 - 1.250. I then loaded some between 1.240 - 1.245 with no obvious over pressure signs but I have not tested them in the Witness yet. I wasn't initially planning on going lower than 1.240.

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