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Rainier 180 gr bullets tumbling


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Good morning,

I've been experiencing tumbling/keyholes with Rainier 180 gr RNFP bullets with the last bunch I bought. Originally, I suspected overcrimping, however after correcting that (no crimp other than to remove bell) there was no difference. It will be a moot point shortly as I've purchased 2K Zero bullets, but I've still got a bunch of loaded Rainier's I'll burn through at practice.

The load is 4.7 gr TG, chronographed velocity is 931fps for a 10 shot average, 76F.

Has anyone else run into this problem with this particular Rainier bullet? I've used plated bullets for some time and understand how fickle they are to crimp, etc. but I've never experienced this problem. I've also pushed some 9mm plated bullets to 1380 fps in a 357 SIG with 2" groups at 25 yds. I obviously wouldn't suggest it or depend on them, but it was interesting to see how far a plated bullet could be pushed.

As I mentioned, it may be a problem of the past, but I'm still troubled by what the cause could be and will be more satisfied if I've got more insight into the problem. If there's a good answer, I figure it will be found among the members here.

The gun used is a Glock 22, Gen II. It shoots other stuff I've loaded just fine. It's nothing fancy, standard factory barrel.

Thank you in advance for your time and interest in considering this!

Warmest regards,


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Good afternoon, RH45,

That's a good idea, but unfortunately, I had loaded up the whole bunch before I shot them so I hadn't thought to check until after, and I was too lazy today to go pull one. I'll have to pull a couple and check. I'll post the results.

Thanks again, and I appreciate the feedback. I'd heard of difficulties with Berry's 40 cal bullets, but hadn't heard much about Rainiers. It's academic for me at this point since jacketed bullets are now so close in price but so much more tolerant and robust that I've switched entirely and I'm shooting up the last of my plated.

I had to ask about these, though, just to satisfy my curiosity!

Warmest regards,


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