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Marvel Conversion unit accuracy?


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I recently purchased a used Marvel unit with 5 steel mags. I haven't had a chance to play with it very much. I have fired CCI standard velocity and CCI MiniMags. It didn't like the MiniMags at all. The CC SV run well but at 15 yds I had a 3" group. I have a S&W K22 that will do less than an inch at that range, in my hands.

So what kind of groups are you getting with your Marvel Unit, what ammo are you using and is there any tips you can give me on what I can do to improve the accuracy of my pistol.

Bear in mind these groups are shot over my range bag and not sandbags but I thought I would be getting better groups with it than I am.

Thanks in advance.

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On a #2,the whole slide, complete with sights move, like a standard 1911.

On a #1, only the slide moves, and the bbl & sights don't move.

I tried out a #1, a while back, that came with a factory, test target, at 50 yards of .87". Even with my crappy eyes, with several types of good, target ammo, it would easily keep them under an inch, at 25 yards.

I have a commander size, #2, and have never tried any good, target ammo, but, with CCI Blazer, and cheap, Federal, bulk pack, it will shoot under 2" at 25 yards.

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I guess I've got a #1 then. It's got a badge from it's test target also.

Is there anything about how tight the bolt has to be that holds it in place?

I'll play with it some more for sure and sand bag it.


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Bill I recently picked up a used unit 1as well. I have not shot it yet but I asked a lot of questions on another board. Evidently the guide rod needs to be tight on the slide stop pin. Snug that thing down and try it again. I just got mine on Friday and need to sneak away this week to see how it runs.

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I've had the Marvel #1 unit mounted on my old Norinco carry/IDPA gun at the range 3 times now. Each time I burn through more ammo. This thing is a ball. Accurate and reliable with several brands of match ammo I had on hand. It's a great gun to practice trigger control on plates with.

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