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Oversized mag release buttons and left-handed shooters


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I'm new to the sport and am in the market for a 1911-style Limited gun. As I consider what I want, I noted that many people are using oversized mag release buttons as a way of increasing the speed of their reloads. I am a lefty, though, and am concerned that the larger button would become a problem during a normal course of fire.

For you lefty's out there that are running 1911s - do you use an oversized mag release button?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts/advice.

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Another southpaw here. You say 1911 and Limited. Are you planning on shooting L10 with a 1911 or getting a 2011 for "regular" Limited?

I have no experience with an oversize button on a 1911 but on a 2011 I cannot use one. I have small to medium size hands and I hit an oversize button between my fingers and drop mags.

Just my experience.

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Its a terrible idea for a lefty.

Your trigger finger is just too close to the oversized button. Sooner or later you will bump it, (usually during recoil).

Then you find yourself doing a mag change when you really didn't plan to.

It won't do much for your stage score, but its a great adrenaline rush.

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The Mitchell looks good for you lefties. Has any offhander ever tried to grind/cut down the left side button with the Mitchell?


I don't know why a lefty would want one of those...we just use our trigger finger to depress the mag release.

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we just use our trigger finger to depress the mag release.

Do you ever worry about sending one over the berm if your finger slips?


No. Honestly, it never entered my mind. What I have thought about is I'll never get a DQ for having a finger on the trigger during a mag change.

ETA: I thought about it too much, or I typed too slow :)

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Perhaps it comes from simply having done it this way for so long, but I actually like using my trigger finger to work the magazine release and slide stop. I had a chance to handle a Randall left-handed 1911 and it felt completely wrong.

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1911s were designed for leftys!!! :roflol:

I use large releases, and find them great, never had a premature mag drop. I seem to think the knuckle of my middle finger would cause more problems than my trigger finger, so most of the time I just file the bottom of the button away from that knuckle, if I do anything at all to them.

I also can't see why having a large mag release would be a problem with table starts? for a lefty the gun would be on the right side, opposite side of the mag release...(kmca) ??? :wacko:

The Mitchell release (IMHO) is not for leftys, its for rightys that want the same advantage of a easy mag release with your trigger finger without having to shift your grip... :D



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I originally used my trigger finger to drop the mag. What I found though was that I usually flip the muzzle of the gun to the right to get my trigger finger in position. The problem with this is on left to right runs along the 180 (or as we call them right hander stages). It is really easy to get REALLY close to a 180 violation. Using my thumb for whatever reason this stopped becoming an issue. I swapped the mag releases around on my CZs and use a Mitchell on my STI guns. I wouldn't go back.

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