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AR 15 bolt catch does not hold solid


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I have noticed dirty or clean, my bolt catch does not do a very good job at retaining the bolt. Doesn't seem to matter if its clean or dirty. It does engage after the last round on all mags but once I move the gun around a bit it slams shut. Seems to be worse if I manually set the bolt catch.

Gun only has around 1K rounds through it, has a 6 position commercial stock.

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wouldn't the magazine springs have more to do with the bolt catch engaging? That is, if the bolt catch is of the proper dimensions and not damaged at all? The mag spring/ follwer is what pushes the bolt catch up correct?


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Is the catch actually catching the bolt face or the carrier. If its only catching the carrier it will not take much to release, and something is preventing the carrier from going all the way back. If it is catching the bolt itself there may be something preventing the catch from coming up far enough to allow enough material to catch the bolt sufficiently. This would lead me to the catch itself or the reciever where the spring and detent are located. Maybe a shallow recess. Or some flash or debree in the hole the spring and detent are located.

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