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95 gr .355 for 9mm What powder for 750 fps?


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Hello everyone,

I'm interested in trying a batch of montana gold JHP 95 gr for steel plate out of my super duper Dan Wesson 9mm 1911 5". I want to try the ultra low recoil of a lightweight sloooww bullet just to see what it feels like and how I do with it.

Since the requirement (for safety) is 750+ fps, what powder do you guys recommend for this purpose? I want to stay at or just above the 750 fps. I can mail order any powder so no worries about availability. I currently load N310(45acp), N350 VV powders, 231, unique, etc on a dillon 550.

5" barrel 1911 Dan Wesson PM9

lightened slide, appropriate spring weights for reliable function by a top smith

Thank you in advance for your help :)

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I've been using the 95g JHP on top of my normal major .38SC load of 8g VN350. I have no idea how fast they are going but that charge pushes a 125g JHP at 1380 out of my gun so they have to be hauling ass. I tried using 3n38 and 350 at reduced charges and I had a lot of unburnt powder so you might want to try something a bit faster. I'm going to try VN340 next.

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I had another thought. You are going to have a hard time getting a gun to cycle reliably trying to run a 71.25 power factor load.


I'm building the gun with a super light slide,ignition parts, and spring setup specifically to try ultra light loads, I can always move up to the 115 grain at 800, or even 900+ fps or whatever minimum which will definitely cycle reliably. Like I said, just experimenting to see what happens.

Thank you for your input :)

What do you think about N310??

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You will definetly need 1000fps to get accuracy. Those little pills are just a no go at anything slower. My gun will cycle, don't ask I can't explain what we did.

If you want the ultimate in no recoil, go heavier 115gr at 800fps, more reliable cycling.






They all worked for me.

Titewad and Clays seemed OK. BE very very careful with Titewad. About 3.0gr was barely covering the primer.

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Yeah, I tried to get my gun down to 90 PF but could not get it to cycle good - I don't see no way at 71 PF unless you did a ton of work.

I run 4.5 N320 with the MG 95 and get about 105 PF out of a super lightened short slide (STI) and a 6 lb spring. Took a while to get that right but now it is 100% reliable and still feels like a .22 almost. Excellent accuracy too!

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Try 4.5 to 4.7 W 231 with an OAL of 1.050-1.090. Reliability is more important than being too light..... ;)


And gng4life, that was exactly the type of response I was hoping for, thank you.

Thank you everyone! I like coming to this board because I get responses from people who have actually tried stuff, not just armchair warriors like many other boards.

I'll try lighter and slower and keep moving up until I get 100% cycling reliability and good accuracy and I'll post my findings when I get to where I want to be.


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