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TS/IPSC Standard setup for USPSA Limited


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I managed to pick up a used CZ IPSC Standard (40S&W) and I'm going to work it over for the end use in USPSA Limited. I would appreciate any tips or hints regarding your experience with aftermarket modifications, lessons learned, etc.


What magazine set ups (base pad, followers, springs) are you using? How many rounds? Reliability issues?

Any experience with the CZ Custom large magwell?

Any positive differences with the CZ Custom flat SA trigger?

Any spring suggestions? (BTW, for what it's worth I'll probably lighten the slide this winter).

Is the rear sight a standard Bomar cut?

Does the CZ Custom hammer have different geometry to benefit?

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Great pick of a Limited gun. I started in Limited with a TS and still shoot it off and on.

Mags: CZ with CZ Custom Basepads and springs will give you 20 reloadable. With Beven Grams guts you will get 21 reloadable.

Magwell: I like the large magwell. A little more room to hit the reload never hurt anyone. You may need to take a very minimal amount off of the top rear corners of

the Extended basepads for them to seat properly. I had to on the old magwell.

Trigger: I really like the flat Al trigger. Not a fan of plastic anything.

Not sure on the last three questions. I've got the spring weights around here "someplace" but I imagine someone else will chime in before I find it.

Have fun!!


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rear sight is an LPA cut. not sure if different from a Bomar cut.

springs I like the lightest I can shoot and maintain reliabiity. basically sight tracking is the determiner.

trigger, I like the old style SAO trigger with a slight radius.

I like cutting off all the checkering, front and back, to get a smaller feel and higher grip.

only pads available for the TS are from CZ Custom and Taylor Freelance. I like the CZC pads because they are easier to get on and off.

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