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Sons of anarchy promo


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I think that's the name of the biker show. Anyway saw a promo for it. Near the end of it Ron Pearlman is his name I think grabed an AR and tried to shoulder it. The yahoo was gripping it with his right hand like a hunting rifle with his thumb over the top and his fingers wrapped around the stock. Really looks stupid and I dont understand how it made it on the air without SOMEONE catching it.

Tried to watch it in the first season but it was a joke. The most glaring thing was how clean the alleged bikers were. Not to mention on the sets they were way too clean. No dirty dishes, beer cans, ashtrays and just the pigsty filth that most people like that live in. I've seen it enough to know.

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The last episode of the last season was awesome and they need to end the series there.

I clicked thinking that a new season was coming out (it could still be) but if they keep going, it will jump the shark.

The show is good if you accept that it's Hamlet with motorcycles and not anything more.

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Im going to make ONE reply and hope to not ruffle any more feathers. Many years ago I have been in a clubhouse and homes of some of the bikers who earn the title "scooter trash". Im sure you have heard the term. Funny how it was next to a strip club in a less than stellar area.

I will say at that point in MY life I wasnt exactly a responsible person but I was only a party party type and didnt want to get involved more than the what I came in contatct with them when I was out having a good time. And believe me I had some of the best times of my life at that time. Just dont remember some of them.

To try and roll eyes and say it aint so is not honest and from what little I have seen of this show thats the image they want to portray.

I know many men and women who ride and they are fine upstanding folks who are solid citizens.

SO in summary lots of good folks ride bikes and lots of folks ride bikes and are dirtbags.

This show seems to imply the bad boys biker gangs who all happen to look good and wear clean clothes from what I see in comericals.

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I caught Seasons 1 & 2 on Netflix and became hooked. Trying to find season 3 and no such luck. Thought they would start re-playing Season 3 leading up to Season 4, but haven't any mention. Anyone??

Sorry for the drift.

They have been playing it on Thursday mornings from 1am to 3am. No repeats, sorry. Season 3 comes out on DVD in a few weeks.

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