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Getting my guns looking good again


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I wasn't entirely happy with last year's refinishing project, so I did this:


While I was at it, I fitted a new thumb safety, double undercut the grip, and stippled it.

I blew up the barrel in my single stack in June (squib during bill drill, ouch!) and so my buddy (Entropic on here) fitted a Kart barrel to it. I couldn't have it shooting good without getting it to look good, too, so I refinished it as well:


I'm pretty happy with how they all turned out. And now that they're looking good, the decision is tough: do I shoot single stack or limited?

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Very nice. :cheers:

I'm in the process of the same project. Before I quit in the late 90s, I did not care about the looks as long as the gun was a shooter. Since coming back last year, I find I want the gun to at least be presentable.

Rework of my limited gun is in process and I should get my Ruger MkII back by September sometime.

Here's two pics of my first completed project - my ss blaster.



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