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Dillon 550 from cragslist

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Hello guys,

found this dillon 550 press on craigs list, owner stated is used but in excelent condition.

No other info but pics (didn't seems that seller knows much about it).

Can you guys help indentify missing/necessary components of this press.

What would i need to buy to make it fully operational?

Also what do you think is fair value of this press ?




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I just picked up an older 550 press myself for $75, and have ordered a few spare/replacement parts from Dillon. I can say that their customer service rocks, and they are very helpful over the phone. I'm not sure how much the seller is asking, but keep in mind that Dillon does have a "No BS" warranty. If anything is broken when you get the press, they will replace it for free. If something is missing, you'll be on the hook for it. In any case, if the price is right, I'd highly recommend you pick it up, or tell me how to get in contact with the seller. :)

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