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Glock 35 22-round magazines


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Of course, why would they make one that fits the rules?

Harsh reality of our marketplace - what is the active membership roles? 18k vs the 100s of Ks of law enforcement, feds and civilians that don't care about 140mm?

I think the NRA and some other sources estimate the number of American gun owners at somewhere in the range of 85million.

Yeah, our ~20,000 is a grain of sand on the beach.

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I understand the economics of it but, if Glock goes to the trouble of sponsoring shooters and hosting tournaments, why not make a product to suit our needs? Even if it is a niche market I think there would be plenty of us willing to pay a premium for a specialized mag. I am paying approx $70 now for the mag+ the base pad. I would rather pay $70 for a one-piece mag.

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