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1st Two Warranty Repairs to EAA - A++ Service!


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Let me start out by saying I'm pretty new to the Tanfoglio world. I purchased my first EAA; a new Witness Limited 10mm two months ago. A buddy recommended this forum and while I read many posts and learned much it soon became apparent that many believe the service dept at EAA to be terrible. I must admit that I was a bit concerned.

Shortly after taking her out I realized my chrome factory mag had issues. It would either stick going in and I'd have to jam it in or it would not drop completely out. I hated to return it since EAA does not have chrome replacements. Nealio convinced me to get a mag that works. This led to my first call to EAA. I was assisted by Richard. He was most polite and when I asked him if they would transfer my mag bottom to the new "black mag" body he said sure, why not. He encouraged me to include a note asking for it. That new mag was received today with my original mag base! They had it out of the shop in three days. I was pretty happy! In the meantime I replaced the post front sight with the red FO. It was on their really tight and I still used the screw, trust me.

Then last week I went to the range and my FO front sight blew off, no where to be found. I called EAA In hopes that they would cover this under warranty. Richard answered the call and after explaining what happened he suggested I return the gun with a detailed note and it should be no problem. Only problem was I wasn't about to pay the $$ to overnite the entire gun for just a front sight replacement. I suggested that I send them just the slide. He said ok but they might require the entire gun as that is their policy for repairs.

They received my slide last Thursday. I called today to check on whether they would replace it under warranty without the entire gun and to my pleasant surprise not only did they but it was shipped back out on Friday, the next day! Service A++ in my book!

I've been a Real Estate Broker for 30 years & I know what good and bad service is all about. I can't shout loudly enough for how I've been treated by EAA. In my book Richard has provided World Class Service and he has made the difference!

I'm not related to anyone at EAA. I'm just a shooter like the rest of you but I thought I should share my experience.

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