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Marvel Unit 2 Magazine Issue

Lee King

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My slide on my unit 2 conversion hangs on the magazine. It will close if I let it fly. But it feels like it sticks a little when you try to rack it. It came with a poly mag. I thought maybe it was a magazine problem so I bought one of the metal mags. It behave exactly the same way.

When I look at the slide and magazine, it looks like there is a mark on one side of the magazine where something is rubbing. On the underside of the slide, there is a torx screw down in the groove beside the disconnector rail. It looks like there maybe be a tiny bit of wear on the screw head that might be whats causing the problem.

Anyone have similar problems? Anyone know what this screw does? I'll try to get a picture.

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Picture of the slide.

After looking more closely it appears I have 2 things happening depending on the type of magazine. With the poly mag, it looks like it is hitting the screw in the picture. There is a scratch on the side of the magazine that is about where this screw it. With the new metal magazine, it looks like it's hitting in the groove itself. I cannot get the metal magazine to seat at all with the slide closed. But the poly will with a little extra shove.


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