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Safariland Holster Screw


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I lost a screw on my 013 - it is on the underside of the holster - the middle screw with the small hole.

I called Safariland and the representative was unable to give me the details or find someone who could. The only action we were able to take was to have the screw mailed to me in 1 to 2 weeks. :roflol:

Even if it is the right screw - I need to have my holster running before then. Does anyone know what length and thread pitch it is? I live 1 hour from McMaster-Carr.

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I found that a screw with the same thread is in my 011 so I have that much out of the way. I can figure out how long it is as well - hopefully it's not something super rare but if anyone knows between now and when I get this resolved - help will be appreciated. :cheers:

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It's an 8-32 screw after a trip from Lowe's. The 013 screw in question uses a large dome shaped head that is characteristic of a specialty screw. I bought a washer to achieve a similar effect and it should work for anyone who finds this thread in a search.

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