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Beretta Xtrema for 3 Gun

oak hill

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I don't have any experience setting up this shotgun for 3 guns, but without the existance of speedloaders, you are pretty much stuck in the limited class (unless you have access to a talented gunsmith that can fabricate one.) like my SLP. I do really like the Briley advertisement in the July/August issue of Front Sight with blue charging handle and carrier release.




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I run one currently and love it. Heavier than M2 but that helps with the recoil. With the Xtrema 1 you'll want a trigger job done but the Xtrema 2 addressed the sloppy trigger issue and should be fine. Never any problem feeding with ammo (other than one time I used some real old field ammo and the head separated but that was an ammo problem) and I run a dirty gun. Briley is now doing a full package on them but I just ordered the extension and bolt handle and also put on the Briley bolt release. The lifter is not forked like on a Benelli so you don't have to weld it up or learn how to properly load like Benny recommends to have a good chance of keeping all the skin on your thumb. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me.

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