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Cowboys and Aliens

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Saw it this afternoon with a pretty full house of folks who also laughed, gasped, and seemed to enjoy it as much as Liota and I. Spaghetti Western meets Starship Troopers...good times :)

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I enjoyed it.

It's your typical alien invasion flick - in 1875...

It's predictable but you get exactly what the movie says you will - I give it a thumbs up.

Also, 45-70 works better on aliens than handgun rounds do. :lol:

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So where can I get one of the bracelet blasters anyway?

I'm thinking they would fit into "Open"?

Looks like the next big equipment race.

Well maybe the shot to shot times are a little slow.

David E.

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My son, age 9, and I really liked this. Lots of action, interesting characters with a happy ending. Lots of gun play and fist fights, combined with ray guns and space ships. What is there not to like!!!

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