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I have a Bushmaster Predator in 223 I bought last year that was pretty much brand new but does not shoot.I think out of maybe 20 attempts I have got 5 bullets to fly out of the barrel. It hits the primer but without enough force to ignite it. I am left with a very small dimple in the primer and no bang. Basically I am a novice when it comes to this platform although a military friend took it apart and reassembled it without seeing anything obvious. Any suggestions?

Thanks, earl

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I have not tried different ammo's yet. Thought the stuff I had was reliable maybe I was wrong there. Never thought of burrs. Have to take a look. I was leaning towards a spring problem. Where do you think the bestplace is to get a parts kit from?

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I would definitely contact Bushmaster first and see if they will hook you up with parts before you buy. I have a Predator and have had zero issues with any and all types of ammo, so unless you just got a bad batch of ammo, I don't think that's the problem. As was recommended, I would check the pin channel and then spring. Don't give up on it... mine shoots sub .5 MOA with 55 gr Sierra HP's loaded hot. I love it.

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might check that the hammer spring is installed correctly and there is no debris in between the hammer and the front end of the lower receiver /bolt stop area. ( chunk of primer, etc.)

Also The firing pin retaining pin may have been installed incorrectly (in front of the collar instead of behind it)

NOTE: All AR-15 type rifles dimple the primer during feeding. This is completely normal for this type of weapon.


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