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+1 on Brian's High Performance digital scale. I have the current i201 model and it kicks the poop out of my old Pact digital scale. The Pact would constantly drift and from zero and was starting to do really funky things to the point that I didn't trust it any more.

I only have two nitpick'y negatives with the i201: 1. The plastic cover box thing doesn't fit very well and the sliding door isn't in a very good location. I'll probably take a dremel to the bottom of it at some point to make it fit better. 2. There is a piece of dirt or packing material stuck that came factory installed between the LCD and the clear LCD bezel on my unit. I didn't bother me enough to return it but it's worth mentioning.

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Does the dustcover/case help?

Yes, it really does IMO. Keeps the dust away and for a precision instrument, I like to keep it covered when not in use.

Also, with the hard plastic case, since my work area is so small... if I were to accidentally drop something or a tool fall off my peg board, the case would definitely help protect the scale.


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