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Academy customer service.


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I just bought a gunsafe from Academy. They beat everyone else around me by $100.00 for the same thing.

I paid for it, they loaded it in the back of my truck and off I went. After my friends and I got it moved in and set up, I looked at the receipt and realized I had been charged $50.00 more than what the tag on the floor said.... <_<

*sigh* So, I mentally get all geared up for an argument, go back to the store, get the tag off the safe on the floor, go up to the customer service counter and tell them what happened. The assistant manager and the cashier both look at it, compare the model numbers and say, "Would you like that back in cash or on your card?" :o

It is so unusual these days to get the kind of customer service you should expect that I am sure I stood there for a few seconds with a dumb look on my face before saying "cash please." :lol:

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i bought my safe from academy to and almost the same story they were help full but the safe was missing some fo the stuff inside and i went back to the store and they told me they would have to order the stuff and i asked for a manager and after telling him my problem he went and got the stuff i was missing out of another safe and gave it to me. no thats customer service thats why i always shop there first

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