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Waiting for next book by George R R Martin


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Got hooked on the HBO show "Game of Thrones" after the 1st episode back in April.

The next day I picked up all the available books and tore them up. Received the new book when it came out and just completed that as well.

Now I have to wait several years for the next book to be released.


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My story too. I hope Martin gets the series done before he kicks the bucket. Unlike Stieg Larsson's Millenium series, where each book can stand alone, there are major cliff hangers such as

"OMG, did Jon Snow really just get stabbed to death by Brothers of the Watch?!?!?!"

in A Dance with Dragons that will leave me sorely aggrieved if George R. R. keels over before getting the last manuscript in.

At least we'll have the HMO series for each of the next three books to look forward to each year (the second season is a go, and if the numbers hold up, probably the other books will follow).

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Same here, but in reading some fan forum sites they are speculating that he did not die. Or that he died and will be reborn as the Red God.

The show is great, but he better not die before he finishes the rest of the series.

I plan on starting the Stieg Larsson's Millennium series shortly. Heard so many good things about it.

Plus how could you not like what Trent Reznor did with Immigrant Song;

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