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head position question while shooting a full mag for group


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Is it best not, to raise my head after every shot to see the poi and try to just keep my head in the exact same position till mag is empty? I don't have much experience with pistols so I just shoot for best grouping from 10yds. right now. Seems I've caught myself raising my head several times during each mag full to see where the poi was. I'm using an M&P .40FS with Factory Trijicon NS. All tips are sure welcomed. Thanks! :cheers:

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bbbean has it right. Shoot the same point of aim until your are done. If you keep looking at your hits your focus will be on those holes not your original point of aim.

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Matt Burkett has his students do a mag drill. He would analyze the pattern of the shoots to help diagnose any issues.

Looking for the holes is a very bad habit to acquire. Break it now before it becomes ingrained in your sub conscious.

If you have a very tight group at 10 yards but it is not at the Point of Aim, adjust your sights.

Shooting groups will improve your accuracy. If you are getting tight groups, then start moving back, increasing the distance.

BE talks a lot about shooting groups from a rest and feeling your trigger.

Understand that a 20 round mag might be a bit much for a single string of fire. You might experience some fatigue in the grip and with your arms.

Just my opinion.

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I believe this is a VERY bad habit, hat needs immediate breaking.

If you have to, I have gone so far with "shoot, peek, shoot" shooters, as to cut the center of the target out. Fire your rounds through it. Much less temptation to pop up mid-string that way.

Once you have presented your sights to the target, do not shift your focus away from the sights until you are finished shooting it. You will be faster AND more accurate.

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