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Ron Avery Class/Super Classifier

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CRCPS will be having a Super Classifier on June 11, 2011. We think it would be a good day to shoot a 1911 or a 2011 or both! We will have 6 classifiers, about 100 rounds. Now here is where it gets crazy:

Ron Avery has agreed to teach an Introduction to competition skills course on Friday June 10 at CRCPS. Not new to shooting, but new to competition. Classified is okay. This will be FREE and run from 9 to 11:30. Then at noon, Ron will teach a skills course focused on classifiers (applicable to all skill levels) until about 5 that will include a walk through of the 6 classifiers! Cost will be $95 and you will be able to shoot the classifiers for score (once) Friday evening for no additional charge. A great opportunity to get new shooters introduced, trained and classified all in one fell swoop! If you want to do one or both classes on Friday, June 10, I send me an e-mail SOON!

However, if you are a newly minted GM, like Charlie and James, just come on out on Saturday and shoot til you drop. Sign-up will run from 7:30 until 1pm, match fee of $20/Division. We will have rolling squads...ten sign-up, get a timer and go shoot. You can then shoot the match in other divisions if you so choose (but only 1 at a time). Those who take the class can of course come back and have a go in another division or two.

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