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Reloading 300Wm on XL 650

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I just purchased a SAKO TRG-42 in 300 Win Mag, is it possible to load this on the Xl 650 i have? My 650 is incredibly accurate in powder drops and gives me sub moa with my .223 rounds at 100 yards. What do I need (list it out please) to load 300 WM on my 650......Thx

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Not much difference in loading 300 Win Mag over 223 on the XL650. You will need the following:

300 Win Mag Conversion kit#21439

Redding 300 Win Mag Die Set #12046

Large Rifle Case Feed Plate #21075

Magnum powder bar #21353

If you wish to leave the dies set up, add either a 650 Quick Change #22059


650 Toolhead #13863


Powder Die #20064

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It just seems funny to me to use a progressive on a .300 win mag. I am old school and I would use a single stage. Most of the time I do not like to shoot over 50 rounds of this stuff. Once you have the cases deprimed, trimmed, primed, it only takes an hour to weigh and put a bullet in.

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