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9mm Major Load Data

Alan Meek

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Things get a little dicey when we are talking about both 115 grain and 124 grain loads in the Major 9. Big bad mistake if you mix the two up.

For 115 specific loads, I can't see how you would EVER make major with N350 or 3N38.

Probably ought to start a different post to collect Major-9 115 grain data.

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i was planning on using 124/125 grian bullets.

to me a powder that makes major with 115s is good because it allows versatility in your loading.

since HS7 is dirty and discontinued, i dont think ill look any further into it.

looks like all that money im saving on brass with this major 9 needs to be spent buying VV powders in amounts to last 3-4 months and even then develope a back up load(probably HS6 or PowerPistol...Both cheap and easy to get)

these reports of VV 3N37 burning barrels out fast is that because folks did a hundred bill drills an hour for two hours every practice session?

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3n37 burns - period. Bullets, barrels, brass, you name it. Squeaky clean ejected cases and slide that's too hot to touch. Not saying you can't use it but be aware.

In the guns I've tried, HS6 is the powder that actually shoots flatter AND softer when going from 125s to 115s and upping the charge [about] half a grain. Most powders will kick noticeably harder when switching to the lighter bullet. This is with 5" or 5.5" barrels with 2 or 3 TJ ports. A different gun might get a different result.

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I disagree that HS6 and HS7 are dirty powders. IME, they both burn clean and leave no residue whatsoever (I actually use WW540 instead of HS6, but experimented with HS7 before settling on 540/HS6 for major 9 with 124's).

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I used 540 for a while w/ 130s and 135s in 9x21 out of a P-9 style gun. It wasn't too bad, dirt wise. 3N37 ended up being more effective in my gun, though (and cleaner), and didn't exhibit the flamethrower properties that folks seem to get out of it long loaded in 1911 style guns....

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I had noticed HS6 and HS7 seem to respond well to being compressed loads and burn clean that way. But then, I never used them in anything but full case loads so that's an interesting point about they way they perform with space in the case.



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I used to use 540 in super loads. I am interested to try it in the 9 loads now that everyone says that hs6 is 540 I guess I need to pick up a pound of that also.

Right now in the process I am using wc818 to make major with 115's. I have room to spare at about 10grs. But it is a violent shooting load so want to play.

I have longshot, 7625, true blue to mess with this week to see what I can get. I will post updates. I have off tuesday so will be experimenting.

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In 9x21, I have found I always go back to HS6, I have experimented with lots of different powders, in the beginning I always used 540. HS6 is a little dirty, but when it comes down to working or not; I guess I'll put up with the dirt. I could not get an accurate load with HS7 with either 124's or 115's. I found it much dirtier than HS6. I thought I read somewhere that one of the Hodgdon powders; is it Longshot- that is the same as the old Winchester Action Pistol? Is there any truth in this? I had tried Action Pistol, and I really liked it. I also thought someone had said it was similar to 3N37? Up North, in my area at least we don't have the variety and selection of powders, but most times HS6 is easy to get, so at least for now I'll continue to use it.

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Yes its cheap but takes a lot, and you can stuff a lot into the case. I think you can get about 12gr and still seat the bullet. A little over 10 goes major. I am paying $10 per pound which is why I started using it.

But its dirty. Actually very dirty, every 500 rounds the gun has to be cleaned to keep it running well. Thats another reason for looking at different powders.

Plus not sure if I can get it anymore and I am almost out. I am down to less than 2lbs left.

I got the powder from a reloading store up in PA.

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I just got back from the range and tried these loads. 9mm Bedell Shorty 4.5" AET barrel. 50 deg. F at 800 ft. elevation. All are Win cases with WSR primers, a 125gr. JHP zero @ 1.16 OAL

8.0 3N37

avg. 1381

ES - 34

PF - 171.2

6.4 7625

avg. 1291

ES - 33

PF - 160

6.6 7625

avg. 1321

ES - 34

PF - 163.8

6.8 7625

avg. 1339

ES - 37

PF - 166

The 6.8 gr. load was getting really full, to the point that I don't want to load it because it would start to spill. I didn't have any problem with flat primers, but I won't be loading this powder just because it's too bulky. Seemed to shoot fine, but I didn't load enough to really play with it and compare to my standard 3N37 load. Something I did notice was that the 7625 was more accurate. At least from what I could accomplish today, which wasn't much. :mellow:

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I've decided on one powder (at least for now). I did a side by side blind test of 3N37, HS-7, and HS-6. All loaded with 115g bullets to about 168pf. HS-6 consistantly appeared as the clear winner. A friend of mine, a notably better shooter, came up with the same results during the test. The HS-7 load finished second and 3N37 was last.

HS-7 was in the test only because I had a pound of it loaded up. I've also called Hodgdon this week and they have confirmed again that the HS-7 is no longer being produced. I'll shoot a match this weekend with the HS-6 and practice with it for a couple of pounds to see how it goes. I'm inclined to bump it up a tenth or two to get a litlle more room at the chrono.

8.8g HS-6

115g MG CMJ

1.750" oal

Fed SR


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Posting some Hs-6 chrono data. All results from a 9mm commander length Hardy Mongoose, Nowlin barrel with two barrel holes 1.155 OAL Winchester small rifle primers 125 JHP Zero

7.6 grn

160 PF

7.8 grn

167 PF

8.0 grn

169.5 PF

8.2 grn

173 PF

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I am not at home but I recall 8.2gr of PP behind a 125gr Zero with WSP primer at 1.17 OAL to make 171pf in my Bedell shorty.

The only problem that I had with PP is that it was little dirty, left a pink haze on the c more and spilled a little unless I took a little more care when loading.


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More hs-6 data......

5.4" KKM bbl. no ports, Bedell Ti comp

8.0-8.1 SDB loader

125 jhp Zero

1.150 oal

.373 crimp

win. brass

fed. sr primers

10.1 av. deviation

40 deg.

893 elevation

1365 av. velocity

170.6 pf


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published book loads show 154 power factor with 125 grain full metal jacket and 6.6 grains power pistol. depending on your gun, you may need a very different load than another(porty-shorty vs fullsize gun w/o ported barrel)

Im shooting power pistol in my 38 super..7.5 grains makes 1400 fps with a 124 grain precision delta..and it doesnt leave mucho unburned powder in the ejection port like HS6 does. my super has a 5.5 inch schuemann 1/32 twist 4 port hybrid barrel.

my 9mm major will be using the sti trubor barrel with the brazos compensator...ill recieve the gun monday and be able to post exactly what it will take to make major in a 5.1 inch unported barrel with power pistol... i think its gonna take around 7.2 grains to get it.


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Translated into Excel format

What I listed was complete data with Avg Vel, charge, powder, OAL, bullet weight/type.

If anyone has any to add, I'd be happy to put it in.

For some reason the forum won't let me upload an .xls file.


Last Updated: 2-20-06 5:22pm

I will keep this updated as I get more info

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