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Pin grip safety?


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4 hours ago, MarkS_A18138 said:

Does not matter what anyone thinks, the ok has already been give by HQ if a 2011 from the factory has only a beaver tail then the gun is legal! If HQ would have not deemed it legal than the wilson XDC 9 series 1911/2011ish pistol would not be legal! So Repete it does look like he has found a 1908!


That certainly settles the matter.  But where can we read this as circulated by IDPA?  If they did.  Secret pronouncements are a bad habit there.


The Wilson EDC 9 has a grip safety, which may not be deactivated.

The Wilson EDC X9 does not have a grip safety. It is getting very far away from the parent design to be called a "1911".


If you want an antique CDP division, the Army requested and got a grip safety on the Colt/Browning of 1907 and all developmental guns after that kept one.




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FWIW, the 1911 has always had a grip safety.  The thumb-safety was the add-on, despite years of lore to the contrary.  Plain as day if you look at the patent.


Here's JMB's sketches of the thumb safety on his personal copy of the 1911 patent (it came up for auction years ago), with the notation "additional features added in model 1911 adopted by Gov after application had been filed in Pat Office".


The grip safety was already there.






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