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flack jacket

Free Practical Shooting Orientation @ NRG/ Norco Running Gun

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FREE 1-HOUR SHOOTING SESSION by Shootnrg.com February 5,2011

Located at:

Norco Running Gun

Norco, CA

Pistol Safety

Pistol Safety is our utmost priority; you will learn how to handle a firearm in a manner that is safe to you and others around you.

You will learn the 3 basic rules to firearm safety.

1. Always keep pistol pointed in safe direction

2. Always Keep finger off the trigger until ready to shoot

3. Always keep pistol unloaded until ready to use

  • Brief history on action shooting
  • Range Commands
    1. Range is Hot
    2. Load and make ready
    3. Are you ready?
    4. Stand By
    5. If you are finished, unload and show Clear (when you are done)
    6. Gun clear, hammer down, holster
    7. Range is clear

    [*]Reloading your pistol Safely

    [*]Muzzle Control

    [*]180 Rule

    [*]Where and when to handle your pistol

    [*]Range Etiquette

Class is approximately 1 hour long.

Required items:

  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Firearm
  • Holster
  • 4 Magazines or more
  • Magazine pouches
  • 200 rounds in caliber of your pistol

Orientation by NRA Instructor and USPSA Member/Competitor

Please email info@shootnrg.com for details

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