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SMM3G Match Results & Comments

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The match wraps up March 14th, curious to find out who finished where at this great match as early as possible, and hear what competitors thought of this years stages - max ranges, difficult shots, cool props, the prize table, etc etc.

Who won the shootoff? :unsure:

Also of interest - the pistols, shotguns, rifles, optics and other equipment/accessories used by the top finishers.

Post your comments here! Thanks - :D

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Well the results as I remember them are:

Tactical - Taran Butler

Open -

1 Matt Burkett

2 Don Bednorz

3 Ron Filho

4 Jerry Mickulek

5 Michael Voigt

Heavy Metal - Blaine West


Good match - lot more shotgun than before (glad I have a Benelli from Grams!). One of the long range stages #5 got tossed as Sunday morning they had 131 people to still shoot the stage!

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My first SMM3G...

I should have brought a cylinder choke and #9s because 80% of the SG targets were clay pigeons inside 15 yards.

The 7:00 (sunrise) start time(s) sucked. Stage 6, 3 guns, rifle out to almost 300 yards, was my squad's first stage. Luckily I wasn't first and there was enough light to use iron sights. If it wasn't for the last flasher I could be a hero on that stage. The targets were green, some of them among bushes and scrub, but they weren't too difficult to see. The flashers and the LaRues with orange flags were great. The LaRues without flags were difficult to determine hits. This stage held up the match, apparently because some people took ten minutes to shoot it.

There was not enough light to use irons on Stage 1, the rifle dark house. Everybody else taped flashlights to their rifles. I thought flashlights were optics, not legal for TI? I couldn't see for the first two pair of targets. On my first shot at the second pair, the comp blast blew a no-shoot off all but one of its staples and it rotated in front of my rifle. I had a miss there on my next shot, then later on, for two failures to neutralize. Appealing to the ROs for a re-shoot, they told me it wasn't range equipment failure, "if anything, it's rearranging the course." Implied DQ, because they have no-shoots at likely muzzle positions. I signed that scoresheet with the initials, B.S. BTW, that stage was a freakin' EPA SuperFund site... thirty rounds inside a structure fully enclosed in plastic. <cough>

Lots of shotguns gave trouble on my squad. I had at least four bolt-opens with a round on the 1100 carrier. Benellis went bad, too, so I don't want to hear anything from the peanut gallery.

I was glad there weren't any run-up-the-wash hosers like at Area 2. The pistol targets were plenty close and didn't require any skill to hit.

The shooting gallery SG Stage 4 was very cool. Just a litle movement, and several targets were beyond SG hoser range. USP, plate rack, PP, bobbing clays, swinging clay, and a TX star.

The all-slugs Stage 2 was OK, even though I hate ports and don't care for memory stages. Anything with 20 slugs can't be all bad. At the end we had to shoot the sideways-rolling prop they had at Area 2, this one with two targets flanking a single no-shoot.

I was miffed that Stage 5 (all 3G) was thrown out before our squad could even shoot it. Apparently, with its long range rifle, it held up the match. I heard one guy took fourteen minutes from the APC position alone, then ran out of ammo. Why not have Max Time if you aren't using USPSA/IPSC scoring?

Stage 3 was another time-sucking match holdup. All 3G pre-staged, plus a knife and knife target, with several seconds of non-shooting activity to start with an unloaded rifle. My squad was supposed to start shooting it 4:30 Saturday and we started in the dark with the lights on at 6:45. The MD had come by and told us to shoot or scoot, our choice. I scooted and came back Sunday morning to find the rest of the squad had shot it at 7:00 AM.

I heard there were 280 shooters. What happened to the 250 shooter limit? Is the addition of 30 shooters (@ $200 each) the reason for the start times being moved to 7:00 from 7:30? Starting your first stage before sunrise is not cool. Starting your last stage after sunrise is not cool.

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Heavy Metal winner Blane West

- AR10A2 w/ JP trigger group

- Wilson Protector w/ fiber optic FS

- Benelli M1 21" w/ IC

... Max range rifle shot was 300yds / LaRue

... 1st Heavy Metal won a Springfield M1A

Kelly Neal was 2nd Heavy Metal, Eddie Rhodes was 3rd.

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heard there were 280 shooters. What happened to the 250 shooter limit? Is the addition of 30 shooters (@ $200 each) the reason for the start times being moved to 7:00 from 7:30? Starting your first stage before sunrise is not cool. Starting your last stage after sunrise is not cool.

Well, Heck! I asked for my money back when I was told (a week after I sent in my app) that the match was full, and I was 22nd, or 23rd on the wait list. If I had known that they were gonna take 30 more after the 250 limit, I wouldn't have given up. Hmmm! I wonder if the extra 30 were actually drawn from the wait list?

BTW, the match fee was $225 if i I remember correctly, and $6750 smackeroo's is nothing to sneeze at.

In a way I am kind of glad I stayed home and made money working instead of dumping $1k+ on a match with those kinds of problems. This "would" have been my first SMM3G. Maybe next year, maybe not! :ph34r:



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Don't forget Stage 9 which tested your trap/skeet ability with launched clays which if hit deducted 3 sec. each from your time so if you got all 4 you got 12sec. off your time.

Erik's right on stage 4, the all shot shooting gallery, that was a blast, I got second overall on that one beating all the big dogs. Yeah me!

Another delight was pistol/shotgun stage 7 which had you starting sitting in an ore cart at a table. On signal you pick up your pistol and engaged 4 paper tartets and optionlly 2 US poppers and a texas star. If you didn't get then with your pistol or didn't want to you then grounded your pistol and with your shotgun engaged them before pushing the ore cart backwards through a tunnel engaging popper activators for bobbers and swingers with clays.

Overall it was fun, I finished 20th in open which would have been good for an AR lower if I didn't live in CA. 57 guns were on the prize tables.

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Great work Matt!!

It was my first three gun. Had a catastrophic shotgun failure and never got to push the roller coaster back, forgot to step onto the porch on stage four, finished very close to the bottom and had the time of my life.

People took too long staging their rifle in the APC. They timed one guy at five minutes! The RO should have placed the rifles and it would have moved much faster.

I called my wife from the match and told her my remmy broke and she told me to by a Bennelli. Yowsa! :P:D It's like I won a shotgun! :P;)

I am officially hooked on three gun. The guys in squad 4 were the best! ;)

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I didn't get to play, my back went out the day before the match, but my daughter shot, and my wife and younger daughter helped out running a couple of stages. From the reports I have heard the match was a lot fun in spite of a few bumps in the road.

I think next year will be the tenth anniversary of the match so I would expect the organizers to plan something big. I know my family appreciates the effort that went into organizing and putting on this match so thanks go out to Dan, Bob, Rich, Tom and all the other people who helped put this show together.


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George, the match was capped at 250 - not including RO's or sponsored shooters (I think).

Yeah, there was too much screwing around with guns prior to start signal on the stages I watched. Mike Gibson from MGM had the best idea. Start all the guns empty then they sure will load them faster than pre-stage!

Hey Quick, if you can ship that over to Bevin when you get it!

Thanks for the props guys! BTW I felt like a dork after telling Bruce Piatt that I think I had been 3rd for something like 4 years. Bruce said, "Try finishing 2nd at the Masters for 8 years in a row and losing the $100,000 challenge by .17 of a second." If that was me, there would have been a single AD in the parking lot!

Thanks to everyone that put the match on!

BTW there were 52 guns on the prize table!!!! BTW if anyone wants one of those DSA FAL's check out this link on gunbroker.

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I heard there were 280 shooters. What happened to the 250 shooter limit? Is the addition of 30 shooters (@ $200 each) the reason for the start times being moved to 7:00 from 7:30?

The total final count was 286 (which includes 13 DQ's). The squadding schedule was used from last year... at the last moment - I discovered that I f*@!'d up and forgot to put everyone in for all stages. That's why we ended up with the 0700 starting time. Too many people... not enough daylight.

There were 48 people shooting on Thursday; most were staff and some did not end up shooting the entire match - bummer for them. 14 of these were sponsored shooters that were vendors, and 3 were guys that got in at the last minute.

The results s/b up today on the smm3g site.

Sounds like all y'all had a good time.

AzStatsChic B)

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Why not have Max Time if you aren't using USPSA/IPSC scoring?

Surprising that Dan doesn't impose time limits - on those monster stages, it's often the only way to ensure any kind of progress.

Nothing wrong with not giving up, but at some point it becomes an inconvenience to other shooters.

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Eric it sounds like you would have won tacticle iron if they hadn't messed with you! Sorry your first time to SMM3G was the year that they became the most disorganised. The two rifle stages had the problem that if any target system on either side went down they had to close BOTH ranges to fix it. We had to wait 4 hours to shoot the "bonus stage 5" just to latter have it thrown out :angry: Yes there were some problems, but it was still a great match, and the stages were fairly challenging. I liked the fact that it was heavier in shotgun than befor. I can shoot a pistol almost anytime but not a shotgun on some really cool stages :) It was nice to catch up with all my friends and finally get to try some of Kelly Neal's home brew.(I brought him a few from my reserves also) It was also great to finally get to shoot with Jerry after all these years. Yea, it is called MYSTERY 3-gun for a reason but with that many shooters I thought they did a good job. With the hind sight glasses on it would have been nice to see 5 or 6 thrown out a lot earlier to speed things up but Dan is an optimist and it was a judgement call!!

THANK YOU!!! to Barb the Stat Chick for taking the time at a very hectic moment to help out the Miller boys We really appreciate it!!!! And a BIG thank you to all the range crew on stage 6 for taking the time to repaint the targets for the last squad. It made a BIG difference to us and is very appreciated :) KURTM

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kurt it was good to see you again, and shoot with you. look forward to seeing you at tx3g. it was my first time to smm3g as well, and operating with an open mind, and understanding that nobody can forsee all the problems that will crop up, i think

that dan and his crew did a great job. i too had problems on stages but they were my mental problems (mostly).

shooters need to remember that r.o.s are there to assist you! know what you can do, can't do and what you can ask for? it takes about 15 to 60 secs. to shoot a stage but you spend alot more time thinking about it, mental preparation is more important.

on stage 3, the final three shooters in my squad, informed the RO that we chose to shoot that stage the next day due to lack of light, it was our choice, not the RO's

the shooters who did shoot that stage, later told us that they wished that they hadn't. but that decision was theirs.

all in all, scout(big brown dog) made lots of new friends, and got to see some old ones too, and so did i. I'M GOING BACK NEXT YEAR. TRAPR

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It sure was a great match! I got my match fee's worth with the bonus stage (5th one) :D Thanks to the match staff and everyone who helped/sponsored.

The two things that I didn't like - 1) Allowing shooters to torch a pistol round off into the berm (before benching it) without even the slightest attempt to make aim or be sure that it will land in the vicinity of the targets. It was the most un-safe thing that I've ever seen! 2) Not having a time limit for the rifle stages, including set up time with your weapon.

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I sent the results to Dan's web guy this noon... but I don't see anything posted yet. Send me an email and I'll send you the results. If you can read "pdf's" - I have each division separated and one file with the overall results.

Hey Miller boys... I thank you for pointing out my error... It turned out o.k. in the end - but it was kinda hectic there for a moment or two.


AZ Stats Chic...


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