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My new non-open gun


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I originally started out with the intention of having a dedicated lower for a Marvel 22 top. Decided that it could do double duty as a 9x19 steel gun so I added the upper. I'm very happy. :D

Shot it today for the first time after getting it back from hardchromer. 2" @ 25yds was no problem.


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Be forewarned about squaring the trigger guard, not all holsters will like it.

It fits solid in a Safariland 012 but doesn't hold for sh!t in an Arredondo ( and I suspect a Limcat). I'll likely use it out of the 012 or a Blade-Tech kydex if I shoot IDPA.

But I like the look too. :D

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I really like that.  Exactly what I *need* in a 9mm :D

I felt the same way. I shoot a lot of steel and the plates don't seem to notice if the bullet is 0.400 or 0.355 dia. Nothing against the 40, I have a XD in 40, but I wanted a 1911 format ltd gun in 9mm.

I had Benny Hill build the lower. He did an excelent job and the trigger was a perfect 2#, no creep.

I still want to be able to use it for a Marvel 22 so I had Irv Stone @ Bar-Sto Precsion fit a unramped 9mm bushing barrel. Idea here was that I could use it for IDPA ESP if I wanted to and if I need extra weight I can use a tungsten guide rod. I fit the fp stop, extractor & ejector and took it to Tech Plate to have it hardchromed. They turned it in 1 week and the job was awsome. Since they are local, I was able to save on shipping. $ 102 if IRRC.

Put the internals back in and put on the sights. Gun runs great.

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