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introduction and training class question


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Hi all just wanted to say Hi to everybody. My first gun was a 1911, but shortly after that first purchase got hooked on highpower rifle competition. But now my interest in handguns has picked up again.

I'm a beginner in skill level. If it's past 15 yards, who knows where it's going? I want to get my skills up and start participating in IDPA. Matt Burkett is having two day classes in my area for both IPSC/IDPA. Do you guys think this would be good for a raw beginner? I recently got a 1911 holster, mag carrier, and a gun belt. I've only tried drawing a few times, so part of me is thinking now would be the best time to take the class. Because I'll learn the right way from the start without a chance to pick up bad habits. But on the other hand, I'm also thinking because of my lack of experience I won't understand a lot of what's being taught or discussed. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help.

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Yikes! I'm glad that I did not feel the need to know the whole rule book before I got into competition. I still don't know it as well as I would like to and I'm a certified RO. :ph34r:

Seriously, a class with Matt B. would probably get you up to speed a lot quicker than just about anything else. :)

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First, you might do well to pick one sport (IDPA or IPSC) to start learning. The rules are just different enough that it will add another layer of confusion (not only are you thinking about shooting & moving, but now you're trying to remember if you have to retain that mag with rounds still in it or can I drop it). I don't have a preference which sport - pick the one that has the most matches that are easy to get to and you like the other shooters.

Now that you're in a new sport, it's time to spend a little money:

Get Matt's videos (yep all of them, 1 - 5)

Get Brian's Book

Get The Shooter's Approach to Practice

Get the video "Shooter Ready?"

-All of this stuff is in the Dillon Catalog, so I think you can get it from Brian. He's also a good resource, and he will actually talk to you.

Go download the IPSC and IDPA rule books and scan through them, don't have to be real diligent yet.

Shoot a couple of matches.

Now, you're probably ready to take a class. You'll be familiar with the intellectual part of things (rules) but won't have too many ingrained bad habits. Unless it is truly an intro class, I wouldn't take it untill you have a little experience. You'll probably be on overload very quickly.

Have fun!

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I would also recommend that you visit your local club and attend a practice session. Depending on when the class is, you might be able to get some range time before hand. At the very least you'll have more experience and maybe have some questions to ask Matt when/if you take the class.

I would second the suggestion the contact Matt. He is a nice guy.

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