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S&W firing pin


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went out for my first real practice session since november of last year yesterday. Loaded up my moons for my 6-shot M627, loaded the gun and set the timer, drew the gun and nothing, just a bunch of clicking. Broke my cylinder and slide extended firing pin between this last sunday and yesterday. I've heard that people have broke these type of firing pins during matches, luckily I found mine during practice. I'll find out if the factory pin will fire my loads, since i've cut a little more headspace then I should have. Any one else have any expirence with these pins

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When you buy the extended pins there is a little note that they send with them that tells you not to dry fire without snap caps. I would imagine the pins get weak when they don't get to hit something.

I think bountyhunter (sorry if I got the author wrong) said he fills the dummy round primer pockets with silicone to give the extended pins something to hit and has had no problems

As I mentioned in an earlier post I did an experiment with them and found no difference between factory and extended pins in terms of mainspring tension and primer ignition. But I have not changed my headspacing.

I began backing the tension off my mainspring using a factory pin. When I began to get occasional misfires I put in the extended pin and still got occasional misfires. I did this on my 627 and my K frame with the same results. I can't remember for sure if I did it to my 625 but at some point I just gave up and put the factory pin back in my guns. The last straw was Jason Petit's broken firing pin at the IRC a couple of years ago (Although I believe he still uses them).


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