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chronographing for pf


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This MAY be a dumb question, but, is there supposed to be a STANDARD distance, from the muzzle, that loads are SUPPOSED to be checked?

Although I know it isn't practical to try to take readings, right at the muzzle, the few times I've seen loads checked, it appears they set up at whatever distance, from the muzzle they feel like, at the time. In fact, at our 2003, state IDPA match, ammo was collected, and chronographed through the S.O.'s guns, not even the competiters. Although, I don't believe anyone's loads were challanged, I don't feel that it was an accurate test.

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This is the IDPA rule book procedure:

Official chronographing procedure is as follows: Chronograph three (3) rounds

at a distance of 10 feet using a weapon of maximum barrel length for the

division. If two (2) of the three (3) rounds exceed the power floor, the

competitor is in compliance. Prior to each shot, the muzzle of the weapon

should be elevated to move the powder charge to the rear of the case, thus

giving the competitor every chance to achieve maximum velocity. Should the

competitor’s ammunition fail to meet the power floor, the competitor will have

the option to chronograph three (3) additional rounds through his/her weapon.

If there is any question as to the bullet weight, a bullet should be pulled and

weighed using a powder scale. Any competitor whose ammunition fails to meet

the minimum power floor will be disqualified from the entire match and receive

a DNF score.


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