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I just got my first SVI Custom .40 pistol, and will start shooting IPSC Standard, same as USPSA Limited but has to fit in the box. I need to purchase reliable high capacity mags in both 126mm (IPSC) and 140mm (USPSA), who is the best source to buy these??, so far I have checked and confirmed with: a) benny Hill and B) Dawson Precision. Any advice on who is the best to go with?, I am looking for a minimum of 17rnd on the 126mm and 20 rnds on the 140mm.

Is it the same to buy STI mags or do I need to specify I need SVI mags?



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i believe you can buy the tubes [svi or sti] from Brownells.

if you are in the US be aware of the laws about creating a post ban high capacity mag.

there is a difference between SVI and STI tubes. either can be used if tuned correctly.

the base pad, springs, and followers are needed for better results in the tuning process.

some people like dawson base pads while other choose grams. i have both types.

the bottom line is that there are options, combinations of followers, pads, springs, pads etc.

you might check with beven gram at grams engineering.

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Carlos, thanks I live in Guatemala (Central America) but I purchase my goods in the USA and have them shipped to Miami and pick them up in any of my business trips, so I can order from anyone in the US, I don´t believe there are any other sources closer to me anyways...

Mistral404, How do I contact Grams?

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