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Showing people how much fun USPSA is!


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This weekend I’ll be helping to put on a USPSA Safe Handgun Competitor Course along with A7 AD Rob Boudrie and several others. We advertise at the local gun show and then teach the course each spring. We have ten paid entrants at last count so it should be a good class. From the course we usually get at least one or two people that take up the sport and begin shooting with us on a regular basis. The club I belong to does not currently have pistol bays that would allow us to host USPSA matches on a regular basis but we don’t let that prevent us from recruiting for USPSA. B)

Trust me, the smiles are worth working the weekend for. :D

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The USPSA Safe Handgun Competitor Course is an introduction to USPSA/IPSC style shooting. We take a group of people who own a handgun and may have seen practical pistol on TV or at a range somewhere and thought “Gee, that looks like fun. But MAN! I could never do that” and convince them otherwise. We of course start with basic safety and then introduce them to what USPSA/IPSC is all about. We cover the basics of the rules, course design, equipment, match participation, etc. We run it at the local club and use the range to reinforce the classroom learning experience. We start slowly with loading, unloading, reloading, drawing from the holster, engaging multiple targets, different stances, etc.

The class runs Saturday and Sunday and we provide donuts and coffee in the mornings as well as pizza/subs for lunch each day all for only $65. By Sunday afternoon, we set up a couple of basic courses of fire and let all of our new shooters go through it and we score it on the spot using EZ-Winscore so that they get the full match experience but in a relatively low-key and low pressure environment. Rob and the class are certified by the state of MA so that the class meets the training requirements for those looking to get their MA LTC. Thanks for asking. I’m hoping others who read this consider doing something similar at their own clubs. :)

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I am sure the participants will appreciate your hard work and have fun at the same time. I was not aware that clubs did anything like this...very good introduction to action pistol.

Thanks for the explanation...now I understand.

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Guest Larry Cazes

TASC in the SF bay area also puts on a similiar class for new shooters on the second saturday of the month for anyone who might be interested in attending.

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I could use a syllabus.  That might be something we could do here in Ohio.

Here is a quick outline. Feel free to adapt it to your needs. B)

Day one.

Safety Briefing, review of basic gun knowledge

Overview of Practical Shooting, safety table procedure, cold range protocols, RO

Equipment - 5 divisions; Comstock Scoring & Rules Scoring Basics; Holster type required (detailed equipment discussion on Sun)

Technique - shooting position (isosceles, weaver, prone, rollout prone)

Technique - Draw; Reload; Movement; Jam Clear; hot vs. cold reload


Q&A, Briefing on Range Procedures, confirm or issue safety equipment.

Range - Basics; Double-tap; reloads; gun clearing; jam clearing; reloading (hot & cold); drawing.

Day two.

Review; Q&A

Equipment Discussion: Guns; holsters; accessories; reloading.

Scoring - Virginia; Fixed Time; "stage points"

Strategy on how to shoot a stage.

USPSA Program - Membership; clubs; classification system; etc.


Q&A; invite people to join USPSA; practices or local matches.

Range - Shoot a stage or two. Score on a laptop if possible to give immediate feedback.

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