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I miss my friends

Shooter Grrl

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We've been gone from the Bay Area for 5 months now and I'm really starting to miss everyone.

Someone today referred me to hosercam.com to look at a video and all I could do was smile - Hi Nolan and Mona :wub:

Some of the regular posters here too were people I got to see regularly and now seeing them posting makes me kinda sad!

Moving sux! :(

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Yup, the feelin's mutual! We miss the Littman's, it's just not the same without Dave and Kathy. :( And to think that they missed out getting to vote for Arhnold!

But, I do feel better knowing that they aren't missing the Bay Area gas prices, gridlock, Kalifornia Judges and Politicians, etc.... B)

Mona says HI!

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