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How do I call the shot?


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I have seen the LIGHT! At a local club match today I had a heart warming experience I called most of my shots, especially happy about calling 2 shots that went wide and missed the target, I knew excactly where they went because I saw it (called it), It was as if the sights stoped and pointed for me what I had just seen (which the acctually do If you see it) In this state of absolute Eureka, with the joy of seeing the sight tell me that the shots went wide I forgot to make them up and ended with 2 misses....

But today that is ok - The feeling of knowing that I acctually saw them go wide in a perfect slow motin kina way is what I'll write in my diary today.. I'll also put a note in there to remind me to make the shot up next time... :) Yippie kie yeah m...

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Hey guys ,

after shooting the Alabamama state match yesterday I must chime in

On the first stage I thru a mike on an unusual stage That made you sit in a Chair and minipulate a baracade that swivaled around. call it nerves call it sloppy callit what you will. bottom line I was so concerened about the seat That I forgot about the sites and did not see what I needed to see.

To say the least I was disapointed about droping 25 points on the Match up front.

After that I said to my self Focus and see the sites call every shot and dont worry about the time they wil be fine.I got in the zone after that shooting the match of my Life. on seven stages in limeted 10 I droped less points than on the 1st. winning the last 3 stages that I shot( lim10) of course.

when the results came out I was verry happy to find a second place finish in lim10 and a class win . The only disapointment for the weekend was that one mike

The winner of the match edged me out by less than 10 points. what a battle.

The moral of the story is that calling the shots and shooting A's wins in almost every shooting arena. I dont think That Calling is teachable but something that is

a revelation and it happens diferent for Lots of people. My solution was lots of group firing ( slow fire ) That taught me to realy watch every thing that was going on I call on the reset If the site returns to where I want the hit move on. If not hit the triger again. repeat as necessary.

My .o2 Johnnie

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Wow...these last three posts are fantastic! (might be worth printing out?)

Unleashed talks of a "B-class wall". I'd have to say that the lack of shot calling is that wall for many, many shooters. And, he talks about the lack of follow-thru missing from his shot calling. Priceless!

(Visual Patience)

Swede talks of the "feeling of knowing".

Johnnie covers getting distracted from the shooting. Then he catches his mistake, and goes on to TRUST his known ability.


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