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.357 magnum and Rex 32 powder


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I'm planning to reload 125 grs JSP in .357 Magnum in a few days.

I'll shoot the reloads in my Taurus 617, 7-shot 2" ported barrel.

I already have got recipes for Vihtavuori N110 and N320 powders: the first one is intended to work up a load to duplicate factory ammo performance (i.e. Fiocchi 125 grs SJSP @ 1225fps and Winchester 125grs SJSP @ 1192 fps shot through the same gun), the second is for some softer reloads.

I am willing to give a try to Nitrokemia Rex Green can (Rex 32) in this caliber, a powder which is both cheap and easy to find here in Italy ; IMO, this could be a perfect all-around powder, since it should be rated in between Vihtavuori N340 and N350 as burn rate, and since I have used it 9mm, .40" and .45" with good results.

Now I wonder: I couldn't find any data to even figure a starting point for this reload, did anybody here on the forums has ever tried this powder in this caliber, and with the listed bullet?

Lacking any information, I think I'll start to carefully work up a load with this powder from my 9x21mm recipe for a 124 grs LRN bullet @ 140 PF. What do you guys think of this?

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