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On our way to the FL Open my 02 Chevy 2500HD started to using an unusual amount of diesel fuel. Pulled off the road just outside of Savannah, GA and fuel and oil was dripping off of the front of the engine. I found a dealer in Savannah and of course on Friday at noon, they said there was no way they could get it in to look at it. I wound up renting two cars to get the large amount of "stuff" that I had (that's why I own a truck) to Florida. I told the dealership I would be back through the following Sat and would just pick the truck up then.

I kept in touch with the dealership and of course they were diagnosing the problem and finally, on Thursday, discovered that I had an injector leaking. They had to order parts, which did not come in. To make a long story shorter, I spent an extra four days (hotel, rent car, food, and time off work) in Savannah, GA waiting on repairs to be finished. I'm now in conversation with Chevy over the reimbursement for expenses.

The bright side to the story is that it happened on the way down and I was still 600 miles under the warranty expiration. Otherwise it would have been a $6,500 repair bill also. This is evidently not an isolated problem with the Duramax. If you have one, check with your dealer about a TSB (I don't have the # right now) that covers replacing the injectors.

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I know your pain. I have an 01 and at 54,000 miles had the same problem. It took 6 gallons of oil and draining the crankcase 3 times to get my truck to go the last 300 miles home from the Nationals at Bend, OR. And this done from midnight and 5:00 in the morning. Two dealerships latter, I got all 8 injectors replaced, and everything is fine............ Untill now. Here it is two days befor I have to leave for Mesa, AZ. for the SMM3gun match, and my truck is back to the dealer to have the entire high pressure injection pump replaced. The truck left me stranded on my way to Palm Springs for the first match of the California 3 Gun Series last Sunday. The truck now has 60,000 miles on it. Oh the joys of todays technology.

Consenses so far on these problems is that todays fuel is not clean enough to handle the tight tolerances in the pumps and injectors these new motors have, at the 23,000 psi common fuel rail injection pressures. Fuel samples that have been tested are not coming up clean enough after the factory filters, so I am installing my own filters to make sure my new injection parts stay clean. Luckily, the 100,000 mile powertrain warranty has covered the cost of repairs.

All three of the big pickup manufactures are running the same high pressure injection systems on their deisel motors, (designed and manufatured by Bosch) so everyone is in the same boat. The Duramax is just the first one to show the problems because it has been out the longest with this new injection system.

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