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Any Differences Between Early #RL550 & New #RL550B

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As long as your happy with the price, (BTW Dillon are the only progressive presses I will buy used) and it actually is all there, do not worry, buy it.

If you have any problems with your new (old) machine, contact Dillon, they will put it right.

If you ship it back they will service the machine for a nominal fee and the cost of the freight.

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I'm new to Dillon & reloading and have been considering a used RL550 press. Is there any differecnce netween the earlier 1980's model and the newly produced RL550B? Will the differences be significant enough to warrant not purchasing the older unit?


I have a 550 I bought new in 85, I've reloaded around 40,000 rounds on it. There are very few differences in the older models, the B model added a safety bar to the powder measure, I got that as an upgrade after the B model came out, I hear there's a replaceable surface where the primer bar slides on the new models, but mine shows no visible wear at all.

IMHO If it's in decent condition the pre B model is a good press, if it hasn't been upgraded to the safety bar on the powder measure I would get that done! :D

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Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!

I also checked with Dillon and they say the powder measure on the earlier versions do not have the return mechanism the newer one's have...possible problems are powder clogging and/or powder not dropping or charging correctly after 1000-1500 loads unless the measure is thoroughly cleaned. Older versions ("without the small white Delron cube part") cannot be upgraded.



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