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Everglades Ammunition and Reloading Introduction

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We'd like to thank Brian for the opportunity to be part of the best forum on the internet. We are a

family owned business. My brother and I are shooters and have been since we were very young. We take

pride in producing high quality and affordable ammunition as well as having quality brass for sale. Our

ammunition is loaded using processed brass and quality components. The brass is processed with Camdex,

Scharch or Casepro equipment and loaded on Camdex or Ammoload machines. Currently we are offering 9mm

ammunition suited for the Production Division or general target shooting. In the following months we

will be offering loads in 45 ACP and 40 S&W.

We also have a wide variety of brass for sale. As an introductory special, we have decided to offer medium

flat rate boxes of brass available only to BE.com members. These are being sold by weight. Count listed

below is approximate. These are not listed on our website and are only available here. Please PM me if

you are interested in any of the following.

40 S&W Range Brass


27 pounds

Approx 2700 pieces

$90 shipped

223/5.56 Range Brass


22 Pounds

Approx 1500 pieces

$75 Shipped

5.56 Military Brass


22 Pounds

Lake City, Federal, Winchester Head Stamps. Crimped primer pockets

Approx 1500 Pieces

$92 Shipped

308 Military Brass


22 Pounds

Mostly Lake City Head Stamp. Crimped primer pockets.

Approx 825 Pieces

$95 Shipped

We are also offering an introductory coupon for 10% off all orders placed through our website. Good until 15 February 2011. Use coupon code BENOS2011 at checkout. You can visit our website at Everglades Ammo


Steve and Dave Bender

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