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Competition Handgun Course at PSA with Ron Avery

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Ron is very, very good at teaching what you need to know and how you can continue to improve after his class is over. While your AT the class, he will bring out abilities that you never knew you had.

Bring a brand new spiral notebook, several pens, and a few hundred rounds MORE ammo than he says you will need. You will not be disappointed.

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And he has no more attitude than Rush Limbaugh. :lol:

That's kind of like saying someone isn't any better at shooting than TGO.

Or that someone isn't any slower on a field course than I am.

Or that someone isn't any taller than BigDave.

The thing I like about Ron Avery is that he seems to be equally well equipped to teach both competition shooting specifics as well as defensive shooting specifics. The general stuff is obviously the same, but a lot of instructors are significantly stronger in one area than the other (if they have any knowledge in the other at all!).

I'd like to take a class from him some day, but I think he migh slap me for having an ... attitude. :lol:

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