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Hating Myself


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I feal your Pain man,

Shooting in Memphis today had pretty good match going, got to the Classifier....

two strings....

1st string draw 2 on each of 3 targets reload 2 on each stronghand

2nd string same as first but 5 yds closer and weakhand.

First Run good smooth freestyle good reload smooth stronghand (feeling good now have a good M class run going) :)

draw and smoke the freestyle, reload come up weak hand (knowing I need to get a good sight picture and squeeze off the shots) 2 c (ok with that) 2M NOW I'M PISSED 2A. :angry:

the two mikes I went past the target on the first shot and did not get it stopped after seeing the proper sight picture I wanted and the second was just DUMB.!!!!

now to work on left hand.... more control but right now I can shoot weak hand better than I ever have....

Just one of them things we have to work out in our own heads (The sooner the better) <_<


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