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First question after shooting a stage?


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Im usually just looking for my mags, and absorbing what just happened while I listen to the scoring. That tells my how accurately I was calling my shots. If I hear something out os sync with what I thought I shot, I look the target over and try to digest what I did.

This is pretty much the way I am anymore. Although I do sometimes mutter an expletive when I know I royally screwed up.

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"Was it as good for you as it was for me"? Then the RO and I normally burst out laughing at my ability to crash on a stage with such flair. It takes years of competing to continually find new ways to screw up on stages and experiance weird malfunctions. I seem to be getting pretty good at it though.

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I'm inclined to think I usually ask "How where the hits?" I usually have a feel for the time and know if a run was fast or not. Hits- I try to call them but in large field courses where I thought I might have had a shot or two that didn't feel good- I can't always recall where or what they were.

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