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2004 Wisconsin Sectional Championships

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The 2004 WI Sectional Championships will once again be held at Schultz Rod and Gun club. Here are the details:

When- August 28th and 29th

Where- Schultz Rod and Gun Club Muskego WI

How Much- 70$ before July 1st, 80$ after July 1st

This will be a point series match.

8-10 stages plus chrono

cash payout trophies and prize table

Any questions e-mail me at twmainus@core.com

I would like to post the application here as well, I have know idea how to do that. Anybody out there who can help?

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I want to be the first to thank ALL of the guys at Schultz for putting on a great match, under less than ideal conditions. It rained HARD in this part of the country Thursday, Friday, and real early Saturday morning before the match. The stages were great, and despite the mud I had a great time. Nice little supprise of having a Chrono stage. It will be interesting to see how many people get caught there. Anyway, thanks again to Tom Mainus, and all the guys. Your huge effort is ovbious in how great the match turned out. :D

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As soon as the dust settles and my wife starts talking to me again, we will get the results posted. They will be up on the USPSA website and possibly on our website, The link is above on a few posts.

As usual the weather for the Wi Sectional was a challenge. We never really got rained on during set up, but as soon as we left the range each night it started. Wednesday night when we got to the range to set up, the rain had washed out our tire berm that we built to make a new bay. We spent all night digging out the mud and rebuilding it. It rained Sat morning before we shot, held off all day, and then rained all night. Needless to say the range was a mess. But by now everyone knows if they are coming to our club to bring the mud boots.

Thanks to all the shooters who continue to suppport us, all the RO who volunteer their time to help. I have a great crew that helps out when I drag them into these messes, without them it would not happen. Thank-you to all the spouses of match directors every where, the time it takes to pull off a match is incredible. I literally have not seen or talked to my wife for two weeks. She is the best. Hope everyone had a good time.

Tom Mainus

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