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There was this farmer who reportedly had a really special Pig, now this pig had done all sorts of wondrous things and the local news station got to hear about it and decided to do a piece on it for the evening news, so they sent out thier best reporter to cover the story,,,

"Good morning sir they tell me that you have a very special pig"

"Yeah thas rite"

"Tell me sir is it true that this pig draged your young son out of the farm dam and saved his life"

"Yeah thas rite"

"And is it also true that it woke the family up when you had a fire"

"yeah thas rite"

"And recently when your wife went out to get the paper and a milk tanker came around the corner the pig pulled her out of the way"

"Yeah thas rite"

"Now sir I see that this pig only has 3 legs is there some heroic story behind this"

"Na its just that when youve got a pig this good you dont want to eat it all at once"

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