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Fear Is Good !!


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[Note: This information sent to me by one of the Area 2 Shooters]

The attached pictures are of a guy who works for the Forest

Service in Alaska. He was out deer hunting. A large Grizzly

charged him from about 50 yards away. The guy unloaded a 7mm

Mag Semi-auto into the bear and it dropped a few feet from him.

The monster was still alive so he reloaded and capped it in the head.

It was over one thousand six hundred pounds, 12'6" high at the

shoulder, 14' to the top of his head. It is the largest Grizzly

bear ever recorded in the world. Of course, the game department

did not let him keep it.

It will be mounted and put on display at the Anchorage airport

(to remind tourist's of the risks involved when in the wild).

Think about it. You would be level with the bears belly button

when he stood, he would look you in the eye when walking! This

bear on its hind legs could walk up to the average single story

house and look over the roof at eye level.

The bear had killed 2 other people. His last meal was the poor

fellow on a nature hike. See Picture #3. Ouch. The Forest

Service found his 38-caliber emptied. He shot 6-times and hit the

grizzly 4 (they found seven 7mm slugs and four 38 caliber slugs

in him) but obviously only wounded him since that encounter was

estimated to be 3 days prior to the bear's death.

The 7mm has about 10 times the energy of a .44 mag pistol and

the 38 is a pop-gun compared to the .44. Fear is good.



Moderator Edit: Removed gruesome and untrue picture #3. According to Snopes, "Although this is a genuine photograph of human remains gnawed by one or more animals, it has nothing to do with the bear pictured above. This photograph comes from a completely different source and was only tacked on as an addendum to the bear story after both had been circulating independently for over a year." The picture, and a more truthful bear story, can be found at Snopes.

[Edit Jmallard] Sorry about the story being partially untrue. (Bear looks real to me). I will check other places before posting next time. Sorry if the 3rd picture offended anyone.

Edited by jmallard
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I agree with C Sims.... Big Bear.

Looking at the size of the head in the first picture, lends doubt in my mind the the bear cause the carnage in the third photo. It appears to me that if that bear took a bite, he wouldn't have been nibbling around the bone!!!! The bears jaw appears nearly as wide as the femur is long.



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