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Here's the story. About a year ago I bought a Benelli M1S90 with the rifle sights for 3 gunning. Found out at the Ironman match that (for me) the ghost ring rifle sights were slow, especially on clays. Read about some of the mods available from a well known and respected smith, and got on the waiting list. Couple months go by and I get to see and handle an open example of the shotgun work I was waiting for at Area 1. Very sweet! I was assured I was close to the top of the wait list. Months go by, I call to be told that he was busy, no one had been skipped on the list, etc. It became obvious that there were many other irons in the fire. I gave it a few more months, then did what I should have done in the first place and called Benny Hill at Triangle Shooting Sports.

I called Benny, the whole conversation was about two minutes. I said I wanted a limited gun and didn't like the rifle sights. He says something like, "Yeah, we'll put a 21 inch barrel with extended Briley choke tubes, an extended mag tube to hold the max allowed in limited, lighten the bolt, shorten the stock, put a fiber optic bead on it." I told him great, when should I send it in? He said send it now and named a price about half what I was expecting to pay!

Got the piece today. Can't remember exactly when I shipped it out, but I doubt it was more than 6 weeks ago. The thing is perfect for me. Shoulders quickly, the bead is fast to pick up, the bolt can be operated with much less force and is buttery smooth. Can wait to get to the range this weekend and shoot the online match, and start running some shotgun drills. My only regret is that I couldn't schedule the time to go to Alabama and get some top-notch instruction.

Thanks, Mr. Hill. I appreciate the hardwork.

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Same experience here with Benny. Two pistols from him in short-time, both are flat great. Even sent him an STI someone else had fouled up...that took him a long time to repair.......like a week from the time it left me to the time it came back :D

Benny is one of the great ones.


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