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Retention Device for Safariland Holster


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Paul, Some of the awnings have the elastic tipe of string or rope with Large plastic ball on loops. Or I think Jerrry Barnhart had a tie down strap with velcro fastners. These would be good for going from stage to stage. If the Safariland still has the last on inch of your barrel covered it should keep it from falling out of the holster completly if slightly bumped. I would worry if it I had to turn then draw with a loose fitting holster. I don't think you gain that much if you have to worry about the revo falling out of the holster. But hey I use a Hogue holster that retains by magnets. I have not had any trouble with it since I got the angle right on the belt. I don't know how the patent thing works but you could add a magnet to the safariland mounting it in the trigger area of the holster and fastening the magnet with a small screw if possible. Or bailing wire if you're from Oklahoma. :lol:

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Thanks all,

I have a 627 and a Safariland holster that I had put a flame thrower to it and widened it. Also I had cut down the part of the holster that keeps the gun in place by putting pressure on the cylinder. Now I like the feel during the draw but it's a little bit spooky. I am worried about bumping it and dropping the gun.

I just happened to have an old pair of Croakies (You know, the little straps that wrap around your head to hold your glasses in place.) Wrapping this around the holster seems to work pretty well. It adjusts easily and hangs out of the way when not in use. I guess I just answered my own question!

Thanks for the tip on Bend, I hear it's mega dusty there.

Bubber, Can you draw with the Powerspeed with your hand coming straight up and snatching the gun as your hand moves by? Or do you have to do the up and down motion of gripping the gun. It makes sense that straight up would be faster but this is difficult to do with a holster like the Safariland.

Did you get a conversion kit for your Powerspeed or did you buy the whole holster.



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Paul H

I just draw straight up when they allow hands at side starts. The Hogue Holster I got was for a bottom feeder but Phil had some delron laying around and I whined, cried, and pestered him long enough he built the insert to fit my revo. Never underestimate the power of the mooch. :huh:

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